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Synopsis screen during search

Please implement the ability to view the synopsis screen for all cases for an individual client during a search for a client/case. This function was present on Needles 4.9 and was a fluid experience that made case review seamless. With Neos, this ...
Guest 20 days ago in  4

Neos: Special Note Size Limitation - Please allow same character size as a regular Case Note

We gather a lot of data in the Special Note and find 1,000 characters is not enough to accurately display the information we need to gather.
Guest about 18 hours ago in  0

Signature pad support

Our firm is currently using Wacom drawing tablets in a creative way to gather digital signatures from in-person clients inside the Neos PDF editor. This is obviously non-ideal but it works. We would prefer to have signature pad support for externa...
Guest 14 days ago in  1

Add contact person to company in address book

When we add a company to the address book, we also have to add the name of the contact person in that company. However, the address book does not have a place to add this person's name. We have to create a separate contact for that person and the ...
Guest about 16 hours ago in  0

Favorite Cases List or Frequently accessed cases

In our previous data system we were able to favorite cases in a recently accessed list so we could navigate to them faster than scrolling our case list or having to search for them each time. Is there a way to do this with the current Neos system ...
Guest 6 days ago in  3
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Add The Ability to Group Value Codes

Add back the ability to group value items together on the value tab by value codes. This got removed in the 2023 Q3 Neos release.
Guest 5 months ago in  61

Have the provider address show in the value screen instead of having to go into the provider tab.

Sometimes we have multiple locations for the same provider and it would help to see the address in the value item and not have to click to the provider card.
Guest about 1 month ago in  1

Bring Back Columns for Adjustments and Payments on the Value tab

The new value tab layout is just awful! Please bring back the ability to have columns on the main value tab for both adjustments and payments. Now we have to click into each medical provider value entry to see them and it is not productive AT ALL!!
Guest 5 months ago in  11

When entering in events on the "Holidays" mini-directory, these events need to appear on the calendar for Neos/Outlook.

When entering an event into the Holidays mini-directory, these events should be added directly into the staffs' calendars.
Guest 14 days ago in  2

Neos: We would like to limit who can modify a case once it has been closed.

This is helpful to retain information as it existed at the time of closure and prevent modifications after closure.
Guest 6 days ago in  0