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Add option to limit case search by case status (Neos)

When searching cases, please provide an option to search by case status and filter out closed cases or pending leads. Or make the results default to open cases. So much time is wasted accidentally pulling up closed cases or saving emails etc. to c...
Guest over 2 years ago in Search 2

AKA name should show up in the search field

When typing the AKA name, you must type in last name, first name format and only then the "new" name shows up in the search field. (Nothing shows up if you type first name then last name). There is no way to know which person from the list is the ...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Search 1 Already exists

Neos - Default Search Selection

Default Search Selection, Would like there to be a way to select a default search setting per user for those who like to search by case number or any other options available. (All, Name/Aka, SSN, Case #, Alt Case #, Email, Name ID, Any Phone, City...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Search 1

Add a single note to multiple cases using Bulk Actions

Create the ability to create a note and add it to multiple cases using Bulk Actions in Advanced Search. A common scenario will be for Mass Tort firms that want to add the note to all cases of a certain case type or to create an advanced search bas...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Search 0

NEOS - Advanced Search - Add Intake Table

It would be nice if the Advanced Search had the ability to creating listing reports for intakes as well.
Guest about 3 years ago in General / Search 0

NEOS - Multi-Select Case in Search

The example here is that I would like to copy a note to a few different cases. There is no way for me to do that short of searching and copying to the cases one at a time. It is just tedious.
Guest almost 4 years ago in General / Search 1 Future consideration

Ability to Calculate Date Fields- Neos

Would be super useful to be able to calculate dates-in-status for cases. This function would allow reports to be more compressive and robust. Please either add this to advanced search or make it a default report option.
Guest about 2 years ago in Reports / Search 1

NEOS - Search results - Most Relevant

Would like it if the search results would have the option to show the most relevant items matching what was searched, i.e. Ross would show anyone with the surname ross rather than starting alphabetically at items similar or containing the string '...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Search 0

Ability to tag email with a phone number search

Currently, can search by name, email and case ID but if receiving a message back from a text it would be easier to look up with a phone number search.
Guest almost 4 years ago in Search 1 Already exists

NEOS - Distinction in Search between Party and Provider

At a glance there is no distinction between a party and a provider when searching. You have to click on each one to get any information on the name.
Guest over 3 years ago in General / Search 1