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Document Generation

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Add scripted emails to send from templates

Allow scripted email templates to be made that you can email straight from the case that save in the Notes tab. Similar to the texting feature just with emails.
Guest almost 3 years ago in Document Generation 0

Email and Text templates

We need these. Saves time and money. Instead of letters, emails and texts
Guest about 3 years ago in Document Generation 1 Already exists

Excel - allowing for the use of excel within the program to include tags

This will assist firms in being able to document code their very own settlement statements or other documents that require calculations with a total
Guest over 3 years ago in Document Generation / Integrations 0

E-mail and SMS Templates Language-Specific

We have English and Spanish speaking clients. Would like to be able to code templates so they generate conditionally based on the language code (we use ID code on party tab).
Guest about 2 years ago in Document Generation 0

Drafting document from Checklist should prompt correct document type

When you draft a template from the case docs tab the document type can be saved as a auto fill in so it is used every time for that template. But when you draft the template from the checklist it does not fill in the document type for you. You hav...
Guest over 2 years ago in Checklist / Document Generation 0