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Update the Date Range in Checklist Summary daily in Neos

Please change the date range field in the Checklist Summary in Neos so that it will update at the beginning of every day if you choose to filter by date range. At the moment, it does not update so if I put a date range of a month and 30 days have ...
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NEOS- Add support to change sharepoint provider file on provider card

Currently, if a provider's sharepoint file becomes de-linked for any reason, the provider will have to be recreated. Adding support for changing the provider file on the provider card would prevent this in the future.
Guest over 1 year ago in  0

Document categories do not deselect with document type

Image #1 - I am choosing to do a bulk import on a file. When I make a doc type selection, I am only seeing the category options that have been assigned to that doc type, which is what I would want, since I don’t want to have to sort through a bunc...
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Calendar Rooms - Make Visible/Accessible in Neos

Being able to add a room location would be super helpful when calendaring a client meeting or any litigation scheduling so that we don't have to go back and forth from NEOS to Outlook making it easier to book a conference room.
Guest over 1 year ago in  1

Messaging Post to Notes

When posting a message to notes, it duplicates the message on everyone's message list. DO NOT send duplicate message when posted to case.
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Adjust Checklist Positioning

It has been requested that the checklist on the home screen be adjustable, so that it can be moved up into the white space underneath the good morning message without having to scroll.
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Adding /, \ and & between names when adding companion groups in the companion tab

User used to be able to add "/", "\". & in between companion group names without getting an error. User can add them with a , ". ", or space in between. User would like to be able to add /, \ or & in between two names when creating a compa...
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Adding Credit Transactions to a Value Item

Currently the way to balance out a value item that has a credit transaction added is to set the Total Due to a negative value. This is inaccurate accounting wise. Would like a way to add credit transaction details to a value item without having to...
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Rich Text/HTML capabilities in Neos Messages and document links

It would be awesome if we could have rich text or html abilities in neos messages so we can do things like underline, and create bullet points and links within the message. Presently, the messages are plain text only, do you cannot do things like ...
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Tab Setup

It would convenient if we were able to organize the tab setup on the side panel of a case, so we can have it the way we feel is best.
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