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Add the @Mention icon to the Notes formatting toolbar

Users should have an option to use the "@" mention icon directly from the Notes formatting toolbar
Guest about 2 months ago in  1

Add "ALL" as option in fields on reports.

When running reports, want option to choose "ALL" in fields like Case Type, Staff Role, etc., instead of being required to pick just one.
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

Neos: Talk to text integration

Microsoft 354 already has a dictation feature and user think that it would be beneficial to if an add in for talk to text could be implemented in Neos.
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

What are initiatives to Check Cash App Card Balance?

The majority of Cash App users have trouble since they do not know how to check Cash App Card Balance . Cash app users can check their cash app card balance in several ways. To keep track of expenses and other things, it is vital to maintain track...
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

Need a way to prevent text message replies from clients to not be delivered via imessage.

Currently, when a client responds to text message sent from Neos, the response is sent to the Neos user's respective email address. However, if both the text recipient and the staff person sending the text from Neos are in each other's iphones as ...
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

Adding a default column design for case tabs

Add a way to default the columns in a tab within a case.
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

Refresh and stay on the Tab.

When you refresh Neos, it would be nice it stayed on the tab that you were working on instead of going back to the Case tab as the default. Again, this requires more clicking and more work.
Guest about 2 months ago in  2

Marking an email tagged

I was wondering if you could make an email once it's sent say if it had been tagged, I know it shows when I tag an email in my in box but If I send an email to co-workers they cannot tell if I have tagged it.
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

Advanced Search - Ability to choose other parties besides First Party from the columns list

If a user is trying to create an advanced search and want to pull in contact info (phone #) and the party isn't the First Party to a case they will not be able too. It isn't an option.
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

PDF Editor - Allow users to make redactions

Users would like to be able to make redactions on PDF documents with the Editor.
Guest about 2 months ago in  0