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Ability to filter Case Docs by "Party"

You can filter Case Docs by almost everything except by "Party." I would love the ability to filter by party--not sort, filter.
Guest 5 minutes ago in  0

Mention Staff within Document Notes

Would like the ability to @[staff-user] within the Notes section of a case document. This will allow users to help bring attention to a specific document within a case for review.
Guest 36 minutes ago in  0

Add option to email from a case (similar to sending a message from a case), without having to include a document.

We would like to be able to send an email from a case, without needing to send a document in order to do so.
Guest about 1 hour ago in  0

Permissions by Case Type

I would like to be able to modify permissions by case type. I want my Mass Tort department to have full rights to modify their cases, but not the case types they don't work in. I do want them to be able to see other case types in the system, but n...
Guest about 1 hour ago in  0

DocuSign - Additional Recipients

The ability to add signers that are not affiliated with the case. You can do that in DocuSign but not through NEOS. For example, when we need the attorney on the case to sign the retainer agreement after the client signs, we need to add them as a ...
Guest about 2 hours ago in  0

Companion Cases - Auto-Copy Documents

User would like for documents to auto-copy to companion cases when added
Guest about 3 hours ago in  0

Pro Hac Vice items in trialworks should be filed under the Motions tab, not the Pleadings tab

When our Attorneys file Pro Hac Vice items in FileIt, the only option is the pleadings tab. as Pro Hac Vice is a motion, we should be allowed to file them on the motions tab.
Guest about 3 hours ago in  0

Reorder Case Tabs Base on User Preference

Team would like ability to reorder the case tabs based on user preference, so they can easily navigate between the tabs they use frequently when working on a case.
Guest about 4 hours ago in  0

Create a "Notifications" tab on the left panel

Create a "Notifications" tab on the left panel so that you can just open up the notifications section (and leave it open) and scroll through notifications in any order without constantly having to go back in for each notification
Guest about 24 hours ago in  0

Neos - Basic Search Alphabetize results

It makes it very hard to find a desired search result when your result don't seem to be in a usable sorted list. In the example attached searching for Ambulance provider we get alphabet soup Y comes after A then B, S, then C. Could we get the abil...
Guest 1 day ago in  0