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Neos | Case Header now hides most fields by default unless maximized.

The Neos case header after the release today now hides most of the fields we have selected unless we maximize the header. We have to click this open every time we navigate to a case as it does not stay open by default. It would be nice if the head...
Guest 4 days ago in  4

More Separation in Case Header

Firms would find it easier to parse the case header if there were something separating the field and the data populating it, such as a colon, or setting the field in bold. They would also find it preferable if the case header could stay fully open...
Guest 4 days ago in  7

new design - header

This is more of a compliant with the design. What a waste for the header on a case. The header doesn't expand all the way to the right, which is should, now we have to use an arrow button in order to see everything in the header and it won't remai...
Guest 4 days ago in  2

Add ability to move tabs in Neos like Needles

This was a feature previously used in Needles. Not being able to rearrange the case tabs I have open freely severely hampers my productivity. Frankly, it feels like I am operating a computer from the 1970's trying to navigate between cases. Adding...
Guest 3 days ago in  0

Allow Option to Expand Case Header

Allow Option to Expand Case Header to appear as it did prior to the update on 03/16/2023.
Guest 4 days ago in  1

Ability to Filter Search by File Type

Plain and simple, Filter a search by a file type like PDF, Word Doc, or Excel file types. Our users utilized this often on our old system and there is no way to do it here with the doc searches under a case or Browse Documents.
Guest about 1 hour ago in  0

Adding & Highlighting Negotiations Notes on Notes tab.

We would like the ability to Highlight Negotiation topics on the Notes tab. Also, when adding a note to a Negotiations we would like to see it automatically be added to the Notes tab as a Highlight Negotiation topic.
Guest about 2 hours ago in  0

Tagging a Neos note to a Negotiations.

When an attorney or case manager selects a Negotiation note topic, we would like to force a step that would require them to tag it to a specific Negotiation.
Guest about 2 hours ago in  0

Neos - add more cases to the recently accessed list of cases

Sometimes I need to see a case that I access longer ago and showing maybe 10 cases instead of 5 in my recent list would be very helpful.
Guest 6 days ago in  0

We would like to be able to edit the default email for a provider.

The circle appears in the provider card telling us what is the default email, however, it does not give us the option to change the default. Clicking on the circle of a different email, or clicking the edit button to change the default email would...
Guest 4 days ago in  0