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Correct Timestamps for Emails Tagged to Needles

When I tag an email to a Needles file, the note should be created with the timestamp of when the email was sent/received, not when the email was tagged. For example: I get an email at 6:30 a.m., but don't tag it to a Needles file until 8:30 when I...
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Adding the Ability in Needles 5 to Click Enter for the Yes/No Prompt

Adding the functionality for clicking enter to select Yes/No in Needles 5 would be much quicker than using the mouse to select the Yes/No Prompt.
Guest over 1 year ago in  1

Add Closed/Reject date for intakes

A closed or rejected date does not exist when a matter is at the intake level. While you are able to close an intake via Stage > Status, there is no reportable closed date.
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add "note" or "Preference" section in Party

Sometimes our clients prefer to be contacted via text, email, etc, versus being mailed. A section to select our client's preferred mode of contact would be beneficial.
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Tagged Emails Should Link to the Case

After tagging an email to a case, especially since there is no ability to change the name of a document, there should be an option to then go into that case, particularly the Case Docs tab of that case so that one can then easily change the name o...
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Needles 4- Send Notes to the time tab

It would be useful if we could send notes to the time tab to make entering time entries easier.
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Neos-Remove bulk action edit for multiple notes selected

Currently when bulk actioning multiple notes you can edit a note but it will override what was there. To prevent from overriding the same note on multiple items it would be better to not see the edit option.
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Option to Have Staff Only See Documents They Uploaded

I would like an option in Neos to have staff only be able to see the documents they upload to cases. Currently, they can see all the documents in a case if they have access to the tab.
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Increase character limit of User Mini Directory items

35 characters is not enough for some purposes. Also, right now if you exceed the character limit for a User Mini Directory item, you get an Internal Server Error when you try to save the User Mini Directory rather than a more specific error messag...
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Outlook add-in sort or search topic/type/category

Currently the only supported account type for activation is regular user Office 365 accounts. It would be immensely useful for Shared calendars and SharePoint calendars.
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