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Desktop version (just like office 365)

Having a browser version is great, but it is also great to have a desktop version. Just like how office 365 is based in the cloud, but has desktop apps that fully connect to the browser version of office. It would be great to have a desktop app.
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List view showing all docs in client folder, not just recently opened docs

The list view only shows docs that were already opened. It should show all docs in the associated client folder. According to the Learning Hub, the list view is supposed to be "the real power for document management" and where we are to "spend mos...
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Intake Pro Automations Should Have a Trigger for Repeating Items

Currently, repeating checklist items do not trigger automations set to Open or Done status. It seems that it's because the status does not change when the repeat occurs. Please add an option where the status check is on repeat or rework the repeat...
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Make the Time Entry on Value Code Optional

In the new release, if you have the billable option turned on, you are now required to add a time entry to the value tab. Our firm would want to see the time entries on the time tab, not on the value tab. With the value tab entries, the subtotals ...
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Intakes from Zapier

If an intake comes from Zapier, a column in the brows intake screen should indicate that.
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NEOS-Allow customizable filtering in sent messages

This would allow clients to filter to their liking on the sent messages filter
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Bolded text in "If" statements losing bolded text once converted to Neos from Needles.

If a firm transitions from Needles 4 to Neos and have documents coded with multiple "If" statements that contain bolded text. When those documents are converted to Neos the bolded text no longer works. This is something very important to some firm...
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Neos | Message Caller field

When entering Caller name fields, we should be able to enter the caller's name in it's own alphabetic field without having to search and add a new provider. 9 times out of 10 the caller does not already exist in our database and want to avoid extr...
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User would like staff 1 or DOI to apper in the search results

Currently you can only see DOB, name, phone role, they want it to show staff 1 and DOI in the neos search bar
Guest over 1 year ago in  0

Report Search Defaults to "Name" insteaad of Case Number

No description provided
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