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Show case name/number in browse document screen.

Would be very helpful to know at a glance what case the document was uploaded to from the browse documents tab.
Guest 9 months ago in  0

Adding & Highlighting Negotiations Notes on Notes tab.

We would like the ability to Highlight Negotiation topics on the Notes tab. Also, when adding a note to a Negotiations we would like to see it automatically be added to the Notes tab as a Highlight Negotiation topic.
Guest 9 months ago in  0

Show which person(s) has an open/active case(s) in first box on search option

if trying to locate a person/case with a common name but little other info, you have to click on each person to see who has an open case
Guest 9 months ago in  0

documents side window

Neos really took a few steps back after the latest release. Simply tasks are taking longer due to the design of some fields. One is the header (already submitted an idea for that). Two, the layout for the side panel on documents is a waste of time...
Guest 9 months ago in  0

Browse documents screen should include the case as a viewable field

The main browe documents screen lists all of the documents in Neos. In the first versions of Neos the case a document is associated with as field was viewable in the list. Now it's not. Without the case field, the document list lacks important con...
Guest 9 months ago in  0

Custom Reports Screen has no Scroll

Saved Searches under a report do not allow you to scroll to the bottom of the page to look at the results field, you have to 'hide search criteria' to view it, but this page should let you scroll down to see the results without this. In our screen...
Guest 9 months ago in  0

Report Dates Relative to Time of Running

One should be able to set a date relative to when the report is run. For example, whenever a report is run the date range is set to pull items from within six months of the date it was run.
Guest 9 months ago in  0

advance search address

Need to be add more columns to advance search like mobile phone or address. This is not an option right now.
Guest 9 months ago in  0

Separate Permissions for Templates access

I'd like to see either a general group permission or a special permission to allow users to add/edit/delete under the Templates section. Right now it is a permission nested under Document Forms instead and I'd like to see it split for some of the ...
Guest 9 months ago in  0

Global Layout Settings (firm defaults)

It would be VERY helpful to have an option in the settings to configure the "global/default layout settings" for all users in our firm. I'm talking about somewhere where we can choose the columns shown by default for each tab, the default column w...
Guest 9 months ago in  0