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Auto-refresh of the Neos Today Checklist

It would be useful if the Neos Today Checklist auto-refreshed after a checklist item has been edited instead of having to manually having to refresh.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Checklist 14

Bring Back Columns for Adjustments and Payments on the Value tab

The new value tab layout is just awful! Please bring back the ability to have columns on the main value tab for both adjustments and payments. Now we have to click into each medical provider value entry to see them and it is not productive AT ALL!!
Guest 5 months ago in  11

Tagging to Companion Cases

Add the ability to tag an email to all of the companion cases at one time with one click.
Guest over 1 year ago in Companion Cases 23

When sending an email from the case it should be posted to the note tab automatically (similar to when sending a text)

The user should be able to post the email sent to the client via email very similar to the concept of when texting the client it post it to the case. The user wants to be able to save time rather than doing another process of posting back to the c...
Guest over 3 years ago in General 2 Already exists

Synopsis screen during search

Please implement the ability to view the synopsis screen for all cases for an individual client during a search for a client/case. This function was present on Needles 4.9 and was a fluid experience that made case review seamless. With Neos, this ...
Guest 16 days ago in  3

Be able to Fax a Document from the Case Docs Screen

Sadly, some providers still want us to fax authorizations, releases and other documents to them instead of accepting emails. It would be great if there was a solution to fax a document directly from the Case Docs Screen and post a note that a docu...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Integrations 4 Future consideration

Add ability to move tabs in Neos like Google Chrome (rearrange, pull out, etc.)

Add ability to move tabs in Neos like Google Chrome (rearrange, pull out, etc.)
Guest about 3 years ago in General 2

Unlimited Neos Today Dashboards

I would like to propose having unlimited Neos Today Dashboards for either the entire firm or for the admins at each firm. Neos Today Dashboards make it seamless to optimize and individualize workflows while being able to monitor KPIs for each team...
Guest 9 months ago in  3

Neos Texting: Send notifications ONLY to those assigned to the text conversation

Currently the functionality is to send notifications to staff assigned to the conversation AND the case. This causes a lot of unnecessary clutter in the notifications pane, especially for managerial staff members assigned to cases. Users would lik...
Guest 11 months ago in  24

Neos | Case Header now hides most fields by default unless maximized.

The Neos case header after the release today now hides most of the fields we have selected unless we maximize the header. We have to click this open every time we navigate to a case as it does not stay open by default. It would be nice if the head...
Guest 12 months ago in  8