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Transfers on RingCentral

When a staff member transfers a call to voicemail, it will show up on the communication page so that the admin can see if calls are being send to voicemail or not.
Guest 14 days ago in  0

Value tab slider added for lien/collection

Same option as DTF when adding transaction to value tab. So it clears out expense and add a separate one to DTF, but instead it adds to lien/collection
Guest 14 days ago in  3

Party minor indication - should update automatically when a person reaches age of majority

Currently, someone is always marked as a minor until such time as you uncheck the box. It would be much better to automatically uncheck the minor box once the date of majority is reached.
Guest 14 days ago in  0

Case access Triggers from Class Code Change

As the case gets to a certain class code, we would like to have the ability to automatically change the security to areas like the Value tab / Insurance / Negotiation /etc. so that as we are working on settlement memos only a select group of peopl...
Guest 15 days ago in  0

Neos outages / redundancy / system status

Can Assembly look into some sort of server upgrades and/or redundancy for Neos so that when the system goes down (or starts DRAGGING like it is today), our entire office doesn't just grind to a halt in the middle of the workday? I know it sounds s...
Guest 15 days ago in  0

Post message to case from someone else's inbox - the information from the original message should remain intact

If I go into someone's inbox, sent folder, and post one of their messages to a case, it posts with my name, today's date, and does not show whose message it actually is. Staff should be able to post messages from other people's inboxes in case the...
Guest 18 days ago in  0

Push or Duplicate Calendar Entries into Witness or Other Tabs

I think it would be a logical and beneficial step if users could take calendar events (for a deposition, for instance) and could either push, duplicate, or add it as a related item to the witness or notes tab, etc. It, then, would prepopulate many...
Guest 18 days ago in  0

Dashboard grouping and sorting - allow grouping or sorting on multiple columns instead of just one

This is useful to get more granular with the data I want to pull. For example, show all cases assigned to Case Staff "Paralegal", and sort by both the Paralegal field and the Assigned field.
Guest 18 days ago in  0

Myoffice Tupperware

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Guest 20 days ago in  1

The ability to drag & drop the file in the Notes tab.

We would like the ability to drag & drop our files into the notes tab, similarly to how we can do in the documents/case docs tab. This allows for an easier, more productive way to create notes with attachments.
Guest 20 days ago in  0