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Ability to create a TODO item from a case note

Ability to create a TO-DO or F/UP directly from a case note instead to having to navigate to checklist, add and then type
Guest 3 months ago in  1

Ability to add multiple staff to a checklist reminder

There needs to be an option on a checklist item to enable multiple staff on a case to get the reminder, as well as an option for all staff on a case if needed. We often have teams that work on a case and having only one user get the reminders is n...
Guest 5 months ago in  1

NEOS Notifications Sound

It would be great if we could have a "ding" or some sound notification when a notification is received so that we don't have to always be looking at the screen to know we've received a new notification.
Guest 5 months ago in  6
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"Save to NEOS Tab"- Add a tab to Word to save a new document directly to NEOS

Currently, a document created in Word must be saved to the desktop and then dragged into NEOS for saving in a particular case. Adding Word integration via plug in to incorporate a tab which one can "Save to NEOS", select the case, category, etc. w...
Guest over 2 years ago in Integrations 6 Future consideration

address block to copy paste to letters and envelopes

I just need a button to push that will put the address block on my clipboard so I can paste it into a document or email. yes we have templates set up with address blocks for letters and correspondence, but oftentimes you just need to copy and past...
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

Neos: Ability to see more than just last 5 cases or providers searched or accessed.

It would be nice for us to have the option to show last 10, 20, 30 cases or providers. For example, when you click on Search, you only see last 5.
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

See all communication with a specific Contact

As in the Trial Works (Communications Tab of the Contact Detail), would be great to have an option to see all communication with a specific contact, whether email, phone call or note. We only have the ability to see Provider Usage (cases the conta...
Guest 2 months ago in  2

An Icon to identify when a case is part of a companion group.

Change the visual of the icon in the left navigation pane of the case to identify when the case is included in a companion group. For instance, a red block like in Needles.
Guest 3 months ago in  0

Tagging to Companion Cases

Add the ability to tag an email to all of the companion cases at one time with one click.
Guest about 1 year ago in Companion Cases 23

Send Email from Neos - Add cc, bcc and from fields.

Currently, all recipients are placed in the TO field. In order to properly note who is responsible for the email (the person in TO), and also note who is just added as an FYI (cc field), we would like you to include those fields. Also, if someone ...
Guest 3 months ago in  0