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Adding the ability to Print or export to PDF to every screen

There are so many times that come up when just exporting or printing options would come in very handy. For example, while on the checklist tab when all we want is the Case header and the current filtered view. Or how about when you select multiple...
Guest 11 months ago in  3

Auto-Fill Case Caption in "Re:" Field When Sending Emails from Neos

When sending emails from Neos, would like an option to auto-fill the case name (or other data field info), into the "Re:" field. This was an option in Trial Works.
Guest 4 months ago in  2

Report Categories

I'd like the ability to deactivate report libaries that our firm doesn't use or need. There are some report libraries that are empty "History" "Clean Up" that have nothing in them at all. It would be better to only let my staff see the reports tha...
Guest 10 days ago in  0

Apply Only Intake and Unphased Checklist Items to Intake Checklists

Intake checklists currently import all of the checklist items from the Primary Checklist of a Case Type regardless of the phase. Intakes also only allow only one staff member to be assigned at a time, for Case Types with more robust checklists, th...
Guest 10 months ago in  6

Batch print

We need to be able to batch print from Neos. Maybe I am missing something, but we should be able to print numerous documents from the case docs screen once generated and bulk print either by opening them up in Sharepoint or allowing open in Word a...
Guest 11 months ago in  1 Planning to Implement

Adding Accident Information Standard Tab to Intakes

For the Accident Information standard tab that was added to cases, it is not possible to add it to any intakes even though it is enabled for the case type. It does not appear in the intake nor is it available as an option in the Intake Layout Mana...
Guest 29 days ago in  0

PLEASE Add a default Reminder to the Primary Checklist!!!!!!

In each case you can add a reminder to each item and you'll get a notification via email or Neos, your choice (in settings). However, to go into each new case and set all of these reminders is tedious to say the least! The Primary checklist should...
Guest 11 months ago in Checklist 2

Neos Special Note: Allow default text

We have a template that we add to the Special Note for every single case. It would be nice to have the ability to set that by default so that every time a new case is opened, the text is already there.
Guest about 1 month ago in  0

Ability to Set Who Creates the Note for the Intake Comment

Currently in Neos, if an intake has a comment in it, it will become a note when it is converted into a case. Instead of the person who last edited the comment or the one who created it, it will set the person who made the intake into a case as the...
Guest 11 days ago in  0

QuickBooks Integrator - Memo Field populate with the client's case number/client name first in memo field

When posting from the Integrator the memo field needs to populate with the client's case number/client's name before the memo information. This is how Neos previously worked and is now reversed. Our State Bar requires the client's name on every ch...
Guest 8 months ago in  1