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Advance Search Column Fields

You should be able to add a column for any reportable field. Specificially, I cannot add the "settlement value" from the value tab to an advance search, but somehow I can add the attorney fees.
Guest 27 days ago in  0

Neos: Show Name ID in Search Results

In cleaning up duplicates, it would be very time saving to see the Name ID in the search results. Instead, now I have to open the provider card to see which provider is which.
Guest 28 days ago in  0

Calendar Reminder - Add ability to set default value per staff

Default now is "None". If someone forgets to set the reminder, of course they will not receive a reminder. It would be better to have a default reminder.
Guest 28 days ago in  1

Ability to merge duplicate contacts in the address book into one contact

It would be nice if there was a way to merge duplicate contacts in the address book. We currently have many, many, duplicate contacts because of the way trialworks transferred over to neos. Some of the contacts have notes attached to them; however...
Guest 28 days ago in  0

Surah Mulk In Translation and PDF Version

Read the Surah Mulk in PDF format while listening to the whole audio mp3 version narrated by Shaikh Su'ood As-Shuraim and Shaikh Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais. The entire Surah Mulk in Arabic is available on along with an mp3 file. A PDF ve...
Guest 28 days ago in  1

Remember Calendar View options

On the calendar tab, would like it to remember my last chosen options - for example, if I have multiple staff selected, the next time I log in the same staff should be selected when I click on the calendar tab. Right now, it defaults back to only ...
Guest 29 days ago in  1

Duplication check when adding a new name - check email and phone number fields

It would be nice when entering a new contact that their email address or phone number already exists within the system. This can help reduce duplication.
Guest 29 days ago in  0

Allow the profile picture to be zoomed in.

Our firm scans in our client's drivers license and puts it in the profile picture. It allowed us easy access to verify their information and we could compare the picture to the person. But, a couple updates ago you took off the zoom in option and ...
Guest 29 days ago in  0

Discovery Tab with documents associated

It would be extremely helpful to have a discovery tab that would help track what was sent and what was recieved. The ability to associate the documents would be necessary and very helpful for organization. (See Smart Advocate's tab like this)
Guest 29 days ago in  0

Medical Treatment Tab with Recs/Bills Attached

It would be very helpful to have a medical treatment tab that we could associate records and billing to, which would have categories for dates of service, costs, etc.
Guest 29 days ago in  1