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Unlimited Neos Today Dashboards

I would like to propose having unlimited Neos Today Dashboards for either the entire firm or for the admins at each firm. Neos Today Dashboards make it seamless to optimize and individualize workflows while being able to monitor KPIs for each team...
Guest 12 months ago in  3

Open PDF in desktop app

Please add the option to open a .pdf in the desktop app for Acrobat Adobe. Similiar to the abilty to open word or excel in the online browser or the desktop app.
Guest 6 months ago in  4

Expand All in Reports/Advanced Search

Advanced Search has helpful grouping options, but you must expand each group one at a time. An "expand all" feature would be very helpful. Please consider adding this feature.
Guest 8 days ago in  0

Text Icon next to phone number Needs to be larger

It is very easy to overlook this icon when looking through the party tab.
Guest 22 days ago in  0

Email Reply in Neos - take email to the desktop outlook

When replying to an email inside Neos from the NOTE tab it automatically takes you to the internet outlook. It should be able to take you to desktop outlook.
Guest 29 days ago in  0
167 VOTE

"Save to NEOS Tab"- Add a tab to Word to save a new document directly to NEOS

Currently, a document created in Word must be saved to the desktop and then dragged into NEOS for saving in a particular case. Adding Word integration via plug in to incorporate a tab which one can "Save to NEOS", select the case, category, etc. w...
Guest over 3 years ago in Integrations 9 Future consideration
165 VOTE

Print option in each tab. There should be the ability to print in whichever tab I’m in without having to go to reports and printing.

No description provided
Guest over 3 years ago in General 3 Future consideration

Be able to select provider address where client treated in each case

It would help with multiple providers and incorrect providers being entered if we could make one contact card and select the location client was seen for in each individual case, or be able to change the default address on a case by case basis ins...
Guest about 2 months ago in  0
102 VOTE

Auto-refresh of the Neos Today Checklist

It would be useful if the Neos Today Checklist auto-refreshed after a checklist item has been edited instead of having to manually having to refresh.
Guest about 2 years ago in Checklist 15

Ability to Change Dates on Tagged Emails

In order to efficiently manage our cases in Neos, we need the ability to change the dates that tagged emails are posted. We do not save all of our emails the day they are sent or received, and we've grown accustomed to changing the dates on Notes ...
Guest 25 days ago in  0