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Neos: Notes Tab for Texting - Add the ability to show whether a text is incoming or outgoing

Neos: Notes Tab for Texting - Add the ability to show whether a text is incoming or outgoing
Guest 24 days ago in  0
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NEOS - Dark Mode

The new design is great but VERY bright. I feel a dark mode option would be very well received.
Guest about 3 years ago in General 15 Future consideration

Please add a print option for intakes. Where only the intake information prints instead of having to print out the entire website information. This would be really helpful. Thanks.

We would not need to waste so much ink on things that are not a part of the intake such as the search bar on top and all of the quick links to clients tabs and NEOS options bar on the left. I hope this makes sense.
Guest 16 days ago in  0

Neos: Text Message Auto Responses

Allow auto responses to indicate when someone is out of the office. This will let the client know you may not be able to respond to them right away.
Guest about 2 months ago in  1

Make more fields available in PDF Document Coding

Not as many fields are available for coding PDF's as there are in Word. Would be very helpful to add more fields, and multi-record select.
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

Neos: Value Tab Layout. Prevent resizing of the column widths

Same as the column order is remembered, the column size preference should be saved per user per case type. When you resize the columns, then open a value entry, and then go back to the list view, all of the column sizes reduce.
Guest 4 months ago in  5

To be able to export the value screen

It would be helpful to be able to have an export feature on the value screen.
Guest 2 months ago in  1

Add credit card charges to integrator

Obviously we use credit card to pay for reports as well as other things for cases. It seems crazy that this is not on option in the integrator.
Guest 23 days ago in  0

Ability to Update Status to N/A, Blank, Delete the Checklist Item from Main View

Just like the other boxes lets me select options without having to open item (Example when reassigning a staff), it would be helpful if the status also allows that (not having to click, open and then click More Actions and then updating status). T...
Guest 29 days ago in  0

ability to open email in outlook without pre-populating an email address

I appreciate the new email features, however, I would like the ability to either populate a custom value email address or bypass this field and open in Outlook to then email to someone not affiliated with the case contacts, such as a coworker or m...
Guest 5 months ago in  6