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Neos | Case Header now hides most fields by default unless maximized.

The Neos case header after the release today now hides most of the fields we have selected unless we maximize the header. We have to click this open every time we navigate to a case as it does not stay open by default. It would be nice if the head...
Guest 9 months ago in  8

Neos Texting: Send notifications ONLY to those assigned to the text conversation

Currently the functionality is to send notifications to staff assigned to the conversation AND the case. This causes a lot of unnecessary clutter in the notifications pane, especially for managerial staff members assigned to cases. Users would lik...
Guest 9 months ago in  22

Value Tab

Please bring back the ability to group value codes together and have them stay that way after you make the change. Every time you exit out of value tab the sorting you just changed goes away and it sorts them in a way that doesn't even make any se...
Guest about 2 months ago in  2

Ability to Choose the Default Opening Tab Per Case

Rather than a case opening at the "Party" tab, have it default to open at the "Case Docs" tab or any other tab we prefer. Even if it's set to per case type. Just the ability for more personalization.
Guest 25 days ago in  0

Mass Update All Cases to Add ALLUSERS and TYPISTS Emails to All Cases

Our firm sends out information to every staff member by sending it to an allusers shared email and to our typists by the typists shared email. Would be useful to not have to type in the address every time someone wants to send a document internally.
Guest about 2 months ago in  2

Bulk Tagging Email in Outlook Using the Neos Plugin

Each day we receive multiple email on the same case, often pertaining to the same topic (tag). We would like to be able to apply the tag to multiple email at once or at the same time. This would save time tagging email to the case files in neos, a...
Guest 7 months ago in  6

Add option for Neos contact changes to also affect customers job information in Quickbooks

Add the ability to link Neos contact changes like address and name to the job information entry for a linked customer in Quickbooks.
Guest 21 days ago in  1

Value Screen Navigation

Is there a way to keep the value screen layout the way you set it up and stay that way while you are working in the value screen? I sort the dates in a particular order, go into a value entry for a particular date of service and when I exit that v...
Guest 2 months ago in  0

"Favorite" option & view for documents

If we could select a checkbox or symbol for documents that are referenced multiple times throughout a case and then have an option to view "Favorites". That would be AWESOME!
Guest 8 days ago in  0

Pin Cases to Top Bar

An option to "pin" cases so that they are not closed accidentally or when using the "close all" option.
Guest 8 days ago in  0