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Multiple phone logs open in Communications Center

Need to be able to have multiple phone logs open in Communications Center, as I am often not finished typing my notes from one phone call before I have to take another call. Then I go back in and finish my notes later. It appears I must click save...
Guest 4 months ago in  0
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Total Item Count

Should be able to see how many items are in a list automatically without having to count each line item or run a report. For example, how many items are in my Checklist Summary for the day? If I navigate to Browse Cases and filter by staff and cla...
Guest about 3 years ago in General 4 Future consideration

Begin Providing Support for Word Desktop App Again

Neos did away with support for the Word desktop app. For a while, we were still able to use it, but now it's gone completely. This is problematic for power users and advanced Word functions due to the need to switch views when online and other lim...
Guest about 2 months ago in  1

Checklist Note Staff Mentions

The checklist notes field allows for a tag to a staff member, however, it does not send a notification. Would like to see an implementation for a notification to come from tagging staff in checklist items.
Guest 3 months ago in  0

When Creating an Email inside NEOS you should not have to tag that email in order for it to save.

We had TrialWorks and when you created an email inside TW, there was no tagging, nothing. You created it inside it was automatically there. Also people responding to that email (inside the firm) it would also be saved in TW, no tagging needed.
Guest about 1 month ago in  0

Be able to Fax a Document from the Case Docs Screen

Sadly, some providers still want us to fax authorizations, releases and other documents to them instead of accepting emails. It would be great if there was a solution to fax a document directly from the Case Docs Screen and post a note that a docu...
Guest over 1 year ago in Integrations 4 Future consideration

Add new document linking ability to value tab items

We love the June 2023 release new ability to link documents to list tabs PLEASE add this to value items which is where we need this functionality the most and ASAP we need to refer to invoices, approvals for payment, the documents that get printed...
Guest 3 months ago in  0

Outlook Add-In: Tagging More than One Email at a Time

It would be a time saver for those who receive a lot of emails to be able to tag more than one email at a time. Currently, it only allows you to select a single email and tag it to a case. When multiple emails are selected, the option to tag is re...
Guest 11 months ago in  1

Include the case name when searching for a client

We have multiple clients that have more than 1 case (ex. A, B, C, etc case) and we have to go into each one to figure out which is which
Guest 4 months ago in  0

Intake checklist items should disappear from "My Checklist" on dashboard when intake is closed

Any checklist item should automatically on the dashboard should automatically disappear once the intake is closed. Its incredibly time consuming to manually update all of these auto-generated items to NA when there is no longer a need to track the...
Guest 4 months ago in  0