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When sending an email from the case it should be posted to the note tab automatically (similar to when sending a text)

The user should be able to post the email sent to the client via email very similar to the concept of when texting the client it post it to the case. The user wants to be able to save time rather than doing another process of posting back to the c...
Guest about 2 years ago in General 2 Planning to Implement

Reduce unnecessary white space in Note header fields

The Notes tab currently has an excessive amount of white space between the header fields and their labels on the Notes themselves, as seen in the attached screenshot. For users with visual handicaps or disabilities, it can be incredibly difficult ...
Guest 2 months ago in  0

Adding Flag/Grey Header to Case Should Not Be Titled "Add Note"

"Add note" in the top right hand corner when you need to add a flagged header/grey banner is confusing with the actual Notes tab. Can it say "Add Flag" instead?
Guest 3 months ago in  1

Adding another staff assigned on Case Ribbon

We have an attorney and a paralegal assigned to each case. We would like to see at the top of our case ribbon all staff that is assigned to the case.
Guest over 1 year ago in  4

Negotiations Tab New entry should have the Insurer at the top of the screen to select easily instead of being further down on the page;

The Adjuster does not populate until the Insurer is selected; You should not have to go looking for the Insurer lower down the screen
Guest 4 months ago in  0

Improve printing compatibility and availability.

It would be extremely useful to actually be able to print the calendar, checklists, etc. without having to deal with the clunkiness of some of the report views. In the desktop version we could print a day view of multiple people side by side. Prin...
Guest 6 months ago in  1

Bulk update value code in Time tab

I need to change several time tracking entries from ATTYFEES to TIME. It would be nice to it in bulk.
Guest 16 days ago in  0

Phantom Wallet - A friendly Solana wallet built for DeFi & NFTs

Phantom Wallet is a popular Solana blockchain wallet and you can get started with this wallet by setting up your profile with the help of the quick steps that are given in the next section.
Guest 16 days ago in  0

MetaMask is a popular crypto exchange that let users buy and sell different digital assets.

MetaMask is a popular crypto exchange that let users buy and sell different digital assets.
Guest 16 days ago in  0

Adding a default column design for case tabs

Add a way to default the columns in a tab within a case.
Guest 2 months ago in  0