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Case Checklist Item Permissions - Specifically Restrict Due Date Modification

Currently, when you the modify permissions for case checklist items you also stop users from being able to mark items as done. We would like the ability to stop users from changing the due date of an item without them losing the ability to change ...
Guest about 1 month ago in  0

Allow Attachments to be saved to Email being sent when tagged rather than having to go to Sent folder to tag email to get documents to attach to email being sent.

When I am sending an email, I have to send the email, then go to the sent folder and then tag the email so get the documents to attach. This is very inefficient. When using Needles, I could hit "Send and Post to Needles" and never had to go to the...
Guest 3 months ago in  0

adding "notify staff member" option when checklist item is completed/marked done

If there could be a way that under the checklist details, there is an option to notify a staff member, or multiple members, when an item is marked done. this would be especially helpful when one gets assigned a TDO and the assigning member needs t...
Guest 3 months ago in  0

Text Notifications

Allow the user to have e-mail notifications sent when a text is received rather than only being alerted inside of NEOS as you can with calendar, messages, etc.
Guest 11 months ago in  4

Open cases assigned to that attorney should appear at top of search results

Many last names are very common. High volume firms could have 10+ cases with the same last name - sometimes even the first name or initial. If an attorney searches for a case by that name, any case assigned to them that is open should, ideally, ap...
Guest 11 months ago in  7

Multiple Referred-By Source Selection

On the Case Tab, you can only select one referred-by source, but if a case is referred by multiple sources you do not have anywhere to enter that information. It would be great if a searchable field had the ability to have multi-selections.
Guest about 1 month ago in  0

Return the Provider's Contact Info to the Preview Window for Value Items

Franklin D Azar reports that their Accounting Team used to be able to see the Provider Information in the Preview Window of a value item and now they cannot see it as conveniently and they would like this functionality restored please.
Guest 2 months ago in  1
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Renaming attachments when Tagging in Outlook

It would be very helpful in Outlook if I could rename attachments that I need to save in Neos when tagging an email. Now, if I want to include the attachment, I have to do that, then go into Neos and rename that document to our naming format. That...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Integrations 7

Communications email notifications

There should be an option to receive email notifications for calls received in the communication center.
Guest about 1 month ago in  0

Batch print

We need to be able to batch print from Neos. Maybe I am missing something, but we should be able to print numerous documents from the case docs screen once generated and bulk print either by opening them up in Sharepoint or allowing open in Word a...
Guest over 1 year ago in  2 Planning to Implement