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Synopsis screen during search

Please implement the ability to view the synopsis screen for all cases for an individual client during a search for a client/case. This function was present on Needles 4.9 and was a fluid experience that made case review seamless. With Neos, this ...
Guest 11 days ago in  3

Signature pad support

Our firm is currently using Wacom drawing tablets in a creative way to gather digital signatures from in-person clients inside the Neos PDF editor. This is obviously non-ideal but it works. We would prefer to have signature pad support for externa...
Guest 5 days ago in  1

Printing Calendar

It is imperative that we are able to print the calendar from Neos as we could with all prior versions of Needles! I would like the ability to print daily, weekly and agenda views of Neos Calendars!
Guest 3 days ago in  1

When entering in events on the "Holidays" mini-directory, these events need to appear on the calendar for Neos/Outlook.

When entering an event into the Holidays mini-directory, these events should be added directly into the staffs' calendars.
Guest 5 days ago in  2

Neos Mobile App for Neos Messages with access to Case Notes

For many of us who are on the go, waiting to sit at a desktop to be able to respond to Neos Messages can result in unwanted delay, downtime, staff frustration. An app with the ability to review and respond to Neos messages, where we can also view ...
Guest 3 days ago in  0

Dark mode

please make your website compatible with dark mode. much of it cannot be read with the black writing on a black back ground and the cases will not go black at all which defeats the purpose
Guest 4 days ago in  1
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Add The Ability to Group Value Codes

Add back the ability to group value items together on the value tab by value codes. This got removed in the 2023 Q3 Neos release.
Guest 5 months ago in  61

Have the provider address show in the value screen instead of having to go into the provider tab.

Sometimes we have multiple locations for the same provider and it would help to see the address in the value item and not have to click to the provider card.
Guest 23 days ago in  1

Adding additional Case Statuses.

A firm might want the option to add additional Case statuses to cater to what is going from their end. Like a Case that's been referred out to another Firm for example.
Guest 4 days ago in  1

show emails on all side panels

It would be helpful to see the adjuster emails when single-clicking and getting the side panel. Currently, you have to open the insurance line totally to see it.
Guest 4 days ago in  0