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Share Cloud Documents like Dropbox

We would like the functionality to share cloud documents more like Dropbox. In dropbox I can create a folder and add whatever documents, images, videos, etc I want to share, then share/copy a link to the folder with other people.

In Neos, I can Email as Links, however, the recipient must have a Microsoft account to view the items shared. Additionally, all of the documents you want to share must be in the same folder. Unless you want to send multiple emails. Not very efficient.

Yes, you can download all the different items you want to your computer, unzip them, organize them, upload them back up to a new folder and then share, however, that is extremely inefficient.

It would be nice to be able to "bulk action" documents to a Share Folder from different folders in the case(s), then share the link to the Share Folder with others who do and do not have to have a Microsoft account.

Lastly, the service should have functionality to limit the amount of time the link is active.

Please add in the comments any functionality issues I missed.

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  • Apr 20 2021
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