Ideas & Enhancements

Please add an option to "Add Intake" when looking at search results for a party.

Currently it only gives Add Case and Add Provider.

By adding this tab, it will help alleviate duplicate parties being added to Neos.

This tab will allow us to go directly into creating the intake while on the phone with the client, and it will save several steps.

This will also be helpful, as we do not have an intake department. Intakes are done by all staff. Once we search and find the client's name there is no option to add an intake to that provider/client. We would have to close out and then go to Add Intake and complete the search all over again. Which is too time consuming. Extra steps for no reason. With being able to add intake with the first search we can move the call along.

Please see the attached.

Orabona Law Offices.

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  • Oct 8 2021
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