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Be able to edit note of tagged email

It seems after a recent update I can no longer edit a note of a tagged email. It is important to be able to add a comment on a tagged email. I like to put the email in context and then have the email copied below in the same note, which was possible until recently.

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  • Apr 26 2022
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    5 May 04:24pm

    Agreed. This is a change that needs to go back. Not only do we need to be able to add notes, I need to change the date of the note itself. The reality of actual practice is emails don't always get tagged the day they come in. I used to be able to simply adjust the note date, but now that I cannot the notes are out of order.

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    28 Apr 07:23pm

    Agreed - Before the update I would always go back into the note, after I tagged an email, and customize my header to make it easy for me to scan and pick out what I needed in a hurry. In addition to bringing this feature back, it would also be beneficial to have a section when initially tagging the email where you could type your own personalized header so that I wouldn't have to go back into notes and then edit. This would also save time. Please fix this issue. It is not very beneficial for me to go back and see e-mail received -----on all of my messages and then have to comb through every one to find what I was looking for. Let's keep the "work smarter not harder" mentally with these updates please. Thank you.

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    28 Apr 02:45pm

    I agree. This was a step backward. In addition to editing the notes/e-mails, I need to be able to change the date it was posted. If I am out of the office and don't post e-mails/notes for several days, they all have the wrong date. This change makes no sense.

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    28 Apr 02:28pm

    Not being able to edit these tagged emails inside of Neos gives us a negative experience as we were previously able to edit these notes before. Our firm usually edited these to trim them up as to provide a way to quickly view the information in these emails. This feels like a huge step backwards.

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    27 Apr 09:06pm

    HAVE to be able to edit emails. This was a step backwards.

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    27 Apr 08:38pm

    The same goes for our firm. We absolutely need to be able to edit tagged emails.

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    27 Apr 12:38am

    Re: I second this!!! (update)

    I do think I now understand the reasoning behind this (to preserve the authenticity of a tagged email since you can now download/forward/reply to it from within Neos), but all anyone sees in the condensed notes view is whatever's at the beginning of the email body. I'm sure there's a more-elegant solution, but it'd even help if we had one editable field for tagged emails (for us to give context) which could then even be prepended to the note so that it shows up in the condensed (all notes) view.

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    26 Apr 08:28pm

    Additionally, many insurance companies have general inbox's that generate an automatic reply email confirming receipt. It is essential to be able to copy and paste this into the SAME note as the original email.

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    26 Apr 07:43pm

    I second this!!! Everyone at our firm has always added a short sentence for context at the top of any tagged email (and all notes) so that we can better find what we're looking for when scanning the notes tab. This was an unexpected change, and everyone at this firm would like to have this ability back.