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Need a way to prevent text message replies from clients to not be delivered via imessage.

Currently, when a client responds to text message sent from Neos, the response is sent to the Neos user's respective email address. However, if both the text recipient and the staff person sending the text from Neos are in each other's iphones as contacts the text reply is sent via "imessage" not via email to the Neos user's respective email address.

If a client and attorney have each other's cell numbers and contact information saved to their iphones, text message replies from the client are received as "imessages" not an email.

Is there any way to avoid the automatic "imessage" without requiring the customer to turn off the imessaging? Customers typically rely on the additional features/functionality of the imessage and will want to keep it on.

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  • Jun 15 2022
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