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Created on Jun 24, 2022

Additional Option for Changing Case Type Regarding the Checklist

We are always running into issues when changing case types with managing the checklist. When we switch it over, we usually want to keep the items marked “DONE” but delete all the other checklist items. As is, when you switch a case type, you can either delete the entire checklist (which would erase all the work that’s been done) or you can keep the checklist which often creates an unnecessarily long and frequently duplicated list. The only way to avoid this is to manually go in and delete each check list item one by one which takes too long and requires a lot of focus so you don’t accidentally delete an item you want to keep. Another solution that could be helpful is if we could highlight more than one checklist item at a time to delete.

What I would prefer is when you change a case type, you are presented with three options:

-Keep the checklist

-Delete the checklist

-Delete the checklist EXCEPT for items marked “DONE”

That would make our lives SO much easier. We would still get some duplicated items in some situations, but it would be a LOT less of them.

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