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Created on Jul 7, 2022

Quickbooks Online Fixes

Some of the stuff with the Quickbooks Online and the Accounting Tab need fixed:

  1. Accounting Tab - should have a column for case name, not just case #

  2. Accounting Tab - when selecting multiple items to cut checks on - it should have a total so that when I'm selecting all 12 checks to cut on a case, the total shows and I know that it's balancing with the settlement funds we received (this feature is available in the Needles Neos QB Integrator)

  3. Accounting Tab - Currently, you have to post the items to QB, then go back after posting, then enter another screen which asks if any of the selected value items should be combined into one check -- this should be more simple, perhaps both questions being asked at the same time

  4. Quickbooks Side: The Memo line from value tab should go into the Memo line on QB (currently, Needles sends the name of the client and our case # to the Description Field, but even the description field does not import anything from the Needles Memo line (E.G. - the patient's acct # with the hospital that we are sending a check to). . . this should be automated or customizable so the QB Online MEMO field can automatically have whatever was in the Memo line in Value Tab + Client Name (Maybe Last Name, First Initial) + Case # For easy reference

  5. Quickbooks Side: There's no batch selection for cutting the checks - so if I have 10 checks posting in Quickbooks I have to open each check separately, then select "print later", once i've done that 10 times then I go to print checks and batch print them. That's way too inefficient compared to QB SDK where I can batch print.

  6. QB Side - - There has to be a way to set up QB online so that a staff member would be able to cut all these checks without having access to the rest of the company information such as revenue and profit. . . I'm not sure what the workaround is for that but if y'all have any ideas I am game. (Would it work to open up a separate QB Online Account just to cut checks, and then somehow have that data automatically move over into our Main QB account that our 3rd party Bookkeeper handles?)

Once all these things are fixed I'd consider going over to QB Online - but for now this integration is way too cumbersome and inefficient.

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