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Neos Checklist multiselect notes and mark done

Please add the ability to select several checklist items at once and mark done, even if they have child items attached. If you are working on several cases there are many instances where you want to select several items to make done.

Currently if the item has child elements it gives you a confirmation to select before moving on.

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  • Oct 22 2020
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    10 Nov, 2020 03:22pm

    Being able to select multiple checklist items and mark done would be a huge timesaver. We have checklists where say we have 6 SOL reminders, but once we have service and an Answer from the Defendant, we don't need to see those reminders when looking at the checklist. right now, i'd have to click on each separate one, hit delete, accept the warning that it's about to be deleted, and then repeat that process multiple times. Mass select/delete funciton would be huge so that we can keep nice clean checklists.