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Searching via Phone when tagging from Outlook

When we receive texts back via e-mail, there is no name and we can't see what we sent to them to help identify the person we are contacting. It would be very helpful if when we try to tag that text from our e-mail, we can search via telephone in t...
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Neos - Searching for parties with the same name and initial is ambiguous

When parties have the same name and middle initial, the search results look identical. Unless you know case numbers by heart, you would have to open each case to see which is the right case for the party. More context information in the search are...
Guest over 3 years ago in General / Search 12 Shipped

Include Intakes in Searches

I just received a telephone call from a potential client on a traffic matter. When I run the DOI in Needles, it doesn't have a conflict. However, another person in the accident HAS contacted the firm, it is in Intake, a file has not yet been creat...
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