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Bates Stamp in Neos

The Bates Stamp feature in Adobe/ Neos needs to match the Adobe desktop version and not require all of the fields given. Our firm likes the Bates to be short (usually the client's last name) and Neos requires text, prefix and suffix to be used whi...
Guest 2 days ago in  0

Intake checklist items should disappear from "My Checklist" on dashboard when intake is closed

Any checklist item should automatically on the dashboard should automatically disappear once the intake is closed. Its incredibly time consuming to manually update all of these auto-generated items to NA when there is no longer a need to track the...
Guest about 7 hours ago in  0

Bulk Tagging Email in Outlook Using the Neos Plugin

Each day we receive multiple email on the same case, often pertaining to the same topic (tag). We would like to be able to apply the tag to multiple email at once or at the same time. This would save time tagging email to the case files in neos, a...
Guest 8 days ago in  0

Neos | Case Header now hides most fields by default unless maximized.

The Neos case header after the release today now hides most of the fields we have selected unless we maximize the header. We have to click this open every time we navigate to a case as it does not stay open by default. It would be nice if the head...
Guest 3 months ago in  8

Tracking the Special note feature through the activity feed

I would like to be able to track the special note if another person adds it on my case or when it was added.
Guest 5 days ago in  0

More Separation in Case Header

Firms would find it easier to parse the case header if there were something separating the field and the data populating it, such as a colon, or setting the field in bold. They would also find it preferable if the case header could stay fully open...
Guest 3 months ago in  7

Allow manual input of "reduced total" for reductions

Currently you can only insert how much a bill is being reduced by in the Value section and Reductions section. There should be an option for inputting what the bill was REDUCED TO, since reductions aren't always based on a simple percentage. You h...
Guest 6 days ago in  0

Enhancement for Settlement Info and Settlement Calculator Screens

See attached
Guest 4 days ago in  0

attaching documents to an email thread or new calendar event

There needs to be a way to attach a document to email that is in your inbox already or a calendar event. It shouldn't be that I can only send an email with an attachment that I create myself on the neos website. Right now, if I have to respond to ...
Guest 25 days ago in  0

Method to Track Deleted Provider Notes

Presently, you cannot audit deletions from provider notes or track deletions of provider notes in the activity feed. This is an important feature. Per Neos support, "After doing some research, it seems as though Neos does not currently have a way ...
Guest 5 days ago in  0