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Color coordinate events in Neos Calendar

I would like to color coordinate/categorize events in the calendar just like in Outlook.
Guest 12 days ago in  3

Ability to select Multiple Checklist items containing documents to generate in bulk and also update the checklist items to "Done"

Please add the ability to select and mark multiple checklist items to generate the templates attached to the respective checklist items all at one time. In other words, select the checklist items that have templates attached and be able to run the...
Guest 23 days ago in  6
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Add The Ability to Group Value Codes

Add back the ability to group value items together on the value tab by value codes. This got removed in the 2023 Q3 Neos release.
Guest 2 months ago in  61

Ability to tag multiple emails to NEOS

Please allow the capability to tag mulitple emails at once to a specific matter. It is too cumbersome to do one by one, especially considering the volume of emails an employee receives during the day.
Guest 5 days ago in  3

Bring Back Columns for Adjustments and Payments on the Value tab

The new value tab layout is just awful! Please bring back the ability to have columns on the main value tab for both adjustments and payments. Now we have to click into each medical provider value entry to see them and it is not productive AT ALL!!
Guest 2 months ago in  11

Neos Activity Feed - It would be helpful to get more granular on changes that are made (i.e., close date)

Add filters to filter activity feed by important fields on the case type such as close date, maybe Case Name since that affects the client folder, etc. Another helpful area is to show specific changes to the party tab. Currently, no details are gi...
Guest 1 day ago in  0

More Keyboard Functionality for Messages

Normally, pressing tab brings the cursor from text box to text box (and for the most part, this is still true). However, after you enter in name for the "To:" section in an outgoing message, pressing tab/enter just deletes the name you just put in...
Guest 1 day ago in  0

Neos: easier way to relate documents

Currently, when you select the Relate button, Neos shows all documents for the case. It would be easier for our litigation team to have a filter to be able to filter out documents only in specific folders. For example, if they filed a discovery do...
Guest 3 days ago in  0

RingCentral call notifications and logs need to contain call informationj

Such as Caller Name, Phone number, Case number, etc. Currently the log and notification doesn't give any info so it's useless as designed.
Guest 6 days ago in  0

Email from case, add assigned staff to list of emails, allow CC and BCC.

Email from case, add assigned staff to list of emails, allow CC and BCC.
Guest 4 days ago in  0