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QuickBooks Integrator - Memo Field populate with the client's case number/client name first in memo field

When posting from the Integrator the memo field needs to populate with the client's case number/client's name before the memo information. This is how Neos previously worked and is now reversed. Our State Bar requires the client's name on every ch...
Guest 6 days ago in  0

Two factor Authentication 7 day do not ask

pop up to make a check request or not. You would not make a check request if you are adj for health ins payment.
Guest about 3 hours ago in  0

Needles checklist items integrate with or import to the Tasks by Planner and ToDo in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams' Tasks by Planner and To Do has an impressive ability for tracking the progress of tasks and for following up on overdue tasks assigned as well as sorting/reassigning priority among tasks. Having Neos automatically send checklist i...
Guest about 8 hours ago in  0

Value tab slider added for lien/collection

Same option as DTF when adding transaction to value tab. So it clears out expense and add a separate one to DTF, but instead it adds to lien/collection
Guest 14 days ago in  3

Neos outages / redundancy / system status

Can Assembly look into some sort of server upgrades and/or redundancy for Neos so that when the system goes down (or starts DRAGGING like it is today), our entire office doesn't just grind to a halt in the middle of the workday? I know it sounds s...
Guest 15 days ago in  0

A way to not lose track in Notes and Value tab

When reviewing either notes and/or value tab we would like the ability to fully open (not preview) a note or a value tab item and when we "x" out have that note highlighted so we don't lose our place. When reviewing 50+ items, it's hard to remembe...
Guest 5 months ago in  8 Planning to Implement

Increase # of Notes that can be toggled

Neos only loads up to 50 notes to toggle through at a time, when you reach 50 you have to close the Notes viewer and scroll through the Notes tab to find the next group of Notes to read. Neos should load all notes at once.
Guest 6 months ago in  17

Email Intake

Is it possible to send a link to a potential client to input intake information?
Guest 8 days ago in  0

Party minor indication - should update automatically when a person reaches age of majority

Currently, someone is always marked as a minor until such time as you uncheck the box. It would be much better to automatically uncheck the minor box once the date of majority is reached.
Guest 14 days ago in  0

Dashboard Grouping and Calculation: If I create a dashboard and group on a column, I am not given the option to add sum or total to a column.

When you view the query, the total is given on the right side of the report, but when you export the report the total is not included in the export.
Guest 4 days ago in  0