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Clicking twice to put in todays date needs to be fixed. Needs to have 1 click or auto fill with the date.

Could Neos auto fill with todays date when clicking it one time? Could it just take 1 click to put in todays date?
Guest 5 days ago in  1

Increase # of Notes that can be toggled

Neos only loads up to 50 notes to toggle through at a time, when you reach 50 you have to close the Notes viewer and scroll through the Notes tab to find the next group of Notes to read. Neos should load all notes at once.
Guest 2 months ago in Notes 6

Layout Manager: Allow for the ability to copy sections between case/matter types

It would be very beneficial if we had the ability to select a section from one case/matter type and select an option to copy it to another case/matter type to help with screen layout consistency.
Guest 8 days ago in  0

Put 'Add' button near back button on Value Tab

With the change of the 'back' button on the value tab to the left hand side of the screen, you now have to move your mouse to the right of the screen to click 'Add' a new Value item, whereas before the 'back' button was on the right hand side so y...
Guest 6 days ago in  0

Make Provider in Value Tab easy to see phone numbers

Where we could click on the provider and it popped up with the phone numbers to call, now we have to open the whole provider in a tab to be able to see it to call on balances. That is annoying.
Guest 13 days ago in  1

Modify file attachment name when tagging an email through outlook.

No description provided
Guest 13 days ago in  3

Add Save to PDF and Print to the Bulk Actions menus

We have lots of occasions when we need to provide Notes/Case Docs/Value/other list views items to outside services/companies and without a Save to PDF or Print in the Bulk Actions menus, it is a very labor-intensive process.
Guest 2 days ago in  0

Case/Matter remove 1,000-character limitation of in Notes

Often times we have to copy information from remote sources and the current 1,000-character limitation in Notes seems to be a constant issue. Please remove the 1,000 characters limitation on Notes and give use that ability to have limitless charac...
Guest 2 days ago in  0

Add ability to edit PDF templates using Inline PDF Editor

Give the ability to prepare a PDF form and add tags directly in Neos
Guest 21 days ago in  0

Document Details Subject & notes area @mentions

Adding the ability to add the @mention to Document Details Subject & notes area to help identify the new items that have been added that need review.
Guest 16 days ago in  0