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Administrator permission to force a log out of a user if they are found to be logged on in more than one location.

A functionality in Needles that is not present in NEOS, is the ability to force out a user. Should a user have left themselves logged on in a location besides their main workstation or are logged on in multiple locations, it could be seen as a sec...
Guest 6 days ago in  0

Increase # of Notes that can be toggled

Neos only loads up to 50 notes to toggle through at a time, when you reach 50 you have to close the Notes viewer and scroll through the Notes tab to find the next group of Notes to read. Neos should load all notes at once.
Guest 4 months ago in  7

Accounting Tab - Need to be able to delete check requests

Accounting Tab - Need to be able to delete check requests. We are not using the QuickBooks Interface, but our firm still requests checks. We need to have the ability to delete check requests when we are finished with them!
Guest 5 days ago in  0

Mailchimp integration needs a bulk add feature

The Mailchimp Integration (or perhaps the mailing list integration) needs an option to bulk add parties or providers into the mailing list instead of typing in each one to the mailing list search.
Guest 5 days ago in  0

Adding the ability to Print or export to PDF to every screen

There are so many times that come up when just exporting or printing options would come in very handy. For example, while on the checklist tab when all we want is the Case header and the current filtered view. Or how about when you select multiple...
Guest about 1 month ago in  2

Should be able to move tabs

Though this may be a small detail, it would make the user interface a little better. We should be able to reorder and organize the tabs at the top of the page for the different sections we are in (i.e. cases, intakes, checklist, etc.) Currently, t...
Guest 17 days ago in  0

Neos Outlook Add-in topic filter as we type

When we attempt to tag an email to a case the topic detail currently does not allow for filtering while we are typing. This causes a ton of scrolling to try and find the topic that best fits the content of the email. All we would like is for the l...
Guest about 1 month ago in  0

Force Staff Log Out

A lot of changes to our system cannot be applied until an employee completely logs out and logs back into the system. It would be great if we could force a log out of the system.
Guest 7 days ago in  0

Accounting tab saving filters

When we log out and back into Neos we have to reset the accounting tabs filters. This becomes frustrating as by default it shows posted and pending checks and having the filters save would save us time having to put the filters back to only show p...
Guest about 1 month ago in Accounting Integrations 2

Organize the documents in each folder by date received

It will help see the new documents received right away and show order in which they were received from all entities. This will help CA's, Attorneys, Assistants, Secretaries, Medical Records, and Liens. Thank you!
Guest 12 days ago in  0