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Bring Back Columns for Adjustments and Payments on the Value tab

The new value tab layout is just awful! Please bring back the ability to have columns on the main value tab for both adjustments and payments. Now we have to click into each medical provider value entry to see them and it is not productive AT ALL!!
Guest 5 months ago in  11

Notification Center: Clear Notifications

Currently, the notifications center retains all notifications for up to 15 days. We would like the ability to clear notifications. As the system currently is, the new gets mixed up with the old.
Guest 3 days ago in  0

Ability to select Multiple Checklist items containing documents to generate in bulk and also update the checklist items to "Done"

Please add the ability to select and mark multiple checklist items to generate the templates attached to the respective checklist items all at one time. In other words, select the checklist items that have templates attached and be able to run the...
Guest 3 months ago in  6

Add one line of Synopsis screen to the individual cases durng search

It would be very helpful if we could see at least the first line of the synopsis when searching for cases where the party has multiple cases. Often time we identify the case by the body part which is listed in the synopsis.
Guest 16 days ago in  0

Dark mode

please make your website compatible with dark mode. much of it cannot be read with the black writing on a black back ground and the cases will not go black at all which defeats the purpose
Guest 9 days ago in  1

Color coordinate events in Neos Calendar

I would like to color coordinate/categorize events in the calendar just like in Outlook.
Guest 3 months ago in  3

Format Phone Number and Address in Reports

Our company would like to make a readable report that lists the contact information for everyone in a case. Using Advanced Search, the phone number is just a string of numbers and the address is all spread out. My suggestion is to have full defaul...
Guest 4 days ago in  0

with premium texting I would like to add a template to identify our firm

When client receives a text its from the phone number assigned to our firm from Premium Texting but if client does not have that number added as a contact they do not know who is texting them.
Guest 4 days ago in  0

Provide a drop down for the call field in the communication field.

When selecting a contact, Neos can see the phone numbers listed under that contact. The Phone # field should still be able to take new phone numbers, but should also allow you to select phone numbers from a drop down.
Guest 4 days ago in  0

Auto-populate Document Type field when generating docs from checklist.

When there's a default Document Type assigned to a specific document template, generating said document from the Case Docs tab (correctly) auto-populates the Document Type field. When generating a document from a checklist task, it does not.
Guest 16 days ago in  0