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Allow Attachments to be saved to Email being sent when tagged rather than having to go to Sent folder to tag email to get documents to attach to email being sent.

When I am sending an email, I have to send the email, then go to the sent folder and then tag the email so get the documents to attach. This is very inefficient. When using Needles, I could hit "Send and Post to Needles" and never had to go to the...
Guest 18 days ago in  0

Make related contacts only show unique names instead of duplicating providers added multiple times

Currently, the related contacts side panel will show a list of all parties and providers on a case. for the providers, if a name is used more than once (i.e. value providers), they will show up multiple times in the related contacts side panel. Th...
Guest 25 days ago in  0

Filter by Document Type in "Add A Related Document" box

Allow us to be able to filter to only a certain document type in the Add A Related Document Box. Our firm relates all of the record requests to the medical and billing records. It would be easier to find the documents to relate if we could filter ...
Guest 8 days ago in  0

Have Minor Check Box and Date of Majority on contact card

Date of Majority and Minor check box should be fields on the contact information that are for Name ID as these dates do not change depending on case, the same way date of birth does not change.
Guest 8 days ago in  0

Value Tab- Have the list pull items in chronological order.

It would be helpful to have the list be able to pull the medical providers into documents from the value tab in chronological order of treatment rather than in random order.
Guest 3 months ago in  1

Please - TAKE AWAY the auto-generated documents when marking a task done.

We don't always need to generate a document when we mark a task done. We used to have the option to generate a document and now we don't. Extremely frustrating to have to X out of the auto document. Change it back!
Guest 2 months ago in  3

Unlimited Neos Today Dashboards

I would like to propose having unlimited Neos Today Dashboards for either the entire firm or for the admins at each firm. Neos Today Dashboards make it seamless to optimize and individualize workflows while being able to monitor KPIs for each team...
Guest 6 months ago in  3

Neos - Value tab graphics for payments/adjustments - Useless and takes up too much room

Please either change the purpose for the graphic or move it to the bottom of the right side of the screen. For now, we have to scroll down to see the due amount.
Guest 9 days ago in  0

Add ability to have multiple settlements in the value tab of the same case

Increase the maximum amount of settlements allowed to a single case for cases with different settlements(like UIM settlements).
Guest 9 days ago in  0

Modify Text Styling and Font in User Defined Fields

For instance, we created a user-defined discovery tab. In that, I have fields entitled "discovery dispute" and "discovery notes," it would be very helpful to be able to bold, highlight, or underline things in these fields to draw attention to them.
Guest 10 days ago in  0