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Email Reply in Neos - take email to the desktop outlook

When replying to an email inside Neos from the NOTE tab it automatically takes you to the internet outlook. It should be able to take you to desktop outlook.
Guest 22 days ago in  0

Emailing NOTE inter office - need all staff emails to auto populate

After entering a NOTE into a file we almost always email to the attorney/staff who is managing the file. All of our inter-office emails should auto populate when you go to email it instead of having to type in the entire email.
Guest 22 days ago in  0

Neos: Tag Email - have the ability to see if someone else has already tagged an email you are included on

This will prevent duplicate tagging, as well as save the users time if they know someone else has already tagged the email.
Guest 5 months ago in  9

Bring back GROUP in the value tab.

Bring back GROUP before we have to change software. This makes our work 10 times harder.
Guest 8 months ago in  4

Avaya IP Cloud as an integration with Neos.

Avaya IP Cloud should be offered as an integration with Neos in addition to ring central. Avaya runs off of Ring Central, so this should be an alternative if a firm would like to use additional phone services.
Guest 3 months ago in  3

Create Admin accounts without neos license

I would like to request the feature where in the Neos portal you can add an Administrator account with the need for a Neos license so that our IT guy can support the firm properly.
Guest 6 days ago in  0

Ability to Change Dates on Tagged Emails

In order to efficiently manage our cases in Neos, we need the ability to change the dates that tagged emails are posted. We do not save all of our emails the day they are sent or received, and we've grown accustomed to changing the dates on Notes ...
Guest 18 days ago in  0

Change ALL Calendar Item Status When Case Settles

We used to be able to change the status of all future calendar entries automatically when the case class changed to "Settled." Now, each entry has to be individually opened and modified. Calendar reminders continue to be sent even though a case ha...
Guest about 2 months ago in  1

Ability to tag multiple emails to NEOS

Please allow the capability to tag mulitple emails at once to a specific matter. It is too cumbersome to do one by one, especially considering the volume of emails an employee receives during the day.
Guest 6 months ago in  7

Bulk Action option to mark multiple items as N/A in the Checklist Summary

It would be convenient to be able to have an option to bulk mark items in the Checklist Summary as 'N/A' instead of marking each item individually. Please consider adding this to a future update to Neos.
Guest 9 months ago in  5