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DocuSign Status

There should be a way to quickly see the progress/status of the DocuSign document in NEOS. After a document is sent out for signature, there is no way in NEOS to know if the document was sent and the current status of that document.
Guest 4 days ago in  0

Option to Minimize or Draft an Email

We would like for Neos to incorporate a function that allows us to minimize or draft an email. Scenario: I'm in the middle of drafting an email within Neos, but I get a call and have to source information from our environment. I am now required to...
Guest 7 days ago in  0

Change ALL Calendar Item Status When Case Settles

We used to be able to change the status of all future calendar entries automatically when the case class changed to "Settled." Now, each entry has to be individually opened and modified. Calendar reminders continue to be sent even though a case ha...
Guest 15 days ago in  0

Replies to email auto tagged, and sent from Neos not OL

When replying to an email from Neos, it should reply from the system, enabling the user to be able to send documents from the case and auto-tagging the email to the case at the same time
Guest 25 days ago in  3

I'd like to be able to combine documents within Neos rather than downloading them and using Adobe

No description provided
Guest 10 days ago in  1

Bring Back Columns for Adjustments and Payments on the Value tab

The new value tab layout is just awful! Please bring back the ability to have columns on the main value tab for both adjustments and payments. Now we have to click into each medical provider value entry to see them and it is not productive AT ALL!!
Guest 6 months ago in  12

Avaya IP Cloud as an integration with Neos.

Avaya IP Cloud should be offered as an integration with Neos in addition to ring central. Avaya runs off of Ring Central, so this should be an alternative if a firm would like to use additional phone services.
Guest about 1 month ago in  3

Should Not Need to Tag Emails From Sent Folder When Sending From Case Docs

When I email a document from Case Docs and open the email in Outlook, I cannot then tag that email from the Outlook tab. I click on tag, and then it greys out. Even when I send the email, it will not tag. My workaround is to go into my Drafts fold...
Guest 4 days ago in  0

Add a form to set permissions by individuals VS groups.

Would love if there was a feature added to where some of our leads can view staff members messages BUT limits viewing attorneys or management messages.
Guest 7 days ago in  0

Utilize tagging within a note

It would be helpful to utilize tagging within a note so a request for work product can be made, generated and reviewed all in one note and each party involved can be tagged for every step in one place within Neos. The document pertaining to the no...
Guest 7 days ago in  0