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Allow exact searches to be an option

A user uses a provider often that is named SSA. When you go to search for SSA the search will pull every single name in Neos with the letter S S A in alphabetical order. So you will have to scroll through 50 names to find the actual provider that ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Search 0

NEOS- Search Parameter Default Preference

Clients would like to be able to set preference with search parameters to eliminate having to reselect after using different ones.
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Allow Options for which case is opened when searching and selecting client per staff preferences

Inside of Needles Neos, when you search for a client and double click on them to select it will open the latest case under that party's name, but in some instances it would be a time-saver to be able to choose the latest of a specific case type. S...
Guest over 1 year ago in Search 0

Adding more options to the search within outlook

We can only search 4 different ways. Need to be able to search by claim number as well.
Guest over 1 year ago in Search 0

Remove archived intakes from party info preview pane when searching.

Whenever you search for a client in Neos, the preview pane will show all intakes, and cases under that client. This includes archived intakes, which is the only way to "remove" intakes at this point in time. Please change the system to hide intake...
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User would like to have the intake listing report type to be changed back to a report type

User recently noticed that after the intake update that he can only run the report as an advanced search report. He would like to have it changed back to the way it was before the update
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AKA name should show up in the search field

When typing the AKA name, you must type in last name, first name format and only then the "new" name shows up in the search field. (Nothing shows up if you type first name then last name). There is no way to know which person from the list is the ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Search 1 Already exists

Neos - Default Search Selection

Default Search Selection, Would like there to be a way to select a default search setting per user for those who like to search by case number or any other options available. (All, Name/Aka, SSN, Case #, Alt Case #, Email, Name ID, Any Phone, City...
Guest over 1 year ago in Search 1

Add a single note to multiple cases using Bulk Actions

Create the ability to create a note and add it to multiple cases using Bulk Actions in Advanced Search. A common scenario will be for Mass Tort firms that want to add the note to all cases of a certain case type or to create an advanced search bas...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Search 0

Neos: Reduce the amount of clicks when Copying/Moving files from one case to another

Upon selecting a file and choosing copy to another case, I’m presented with a blank screen and a few buttons. I must click a button to perform a search for a case. (1 click too many. The search dialog should be immediately presented if there is no...
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