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Add back to and from treatment dates in value tab delete Invoice column (useless)

The dates in the value tab allow you to see the latest treatment date you have records for, etc.
Guest 2 months ago in  1

Case name in Search Result Box

Case are known by the case name, yet the case name is not in the search result box. We may have a client who has a number of cases, so knowing the client name is not helpful. Some plaintiff names are common, Mary Smith, you need the full case name...
Guest 4 months ago in  0

NEOS Notifications Sound

It would be great if we could have a "ding" or some sound notification when a notification is received so that we don't have to always be looking at the screen to know we've received a new notification.
Guest 8 months ago in  6

Search by Auto "Policy" Number

On Needles we have that we can search for claim number, so why not policy numbers? This would help us find/search for insurance companies faster.
Guest 2 months ago in  0

Ability to create a TODO item from a case note

Ability to create a TO-DO or F/UP directly from a case note instead to having to navigate to checklist, add and then type
Guest 5 months ago in  1

Mass Email Tagging

We should be able to select multiple emails for a case and tag them all at the same time. For some older cases there are hundreds and to do them one by one means they may never make it to Neos because no one has time for that. Especially when an e...
Guest 22 days ago in  0

When using the Value Calculator on an existing Value entry, the "number of periods" should always be set to either 1.00 or 0.00 as a matter of course.

When a user goes into an existing Value transaction, "Fee" as an example, when they click on the calculator icon it will display a rounded up percentage of the last period number they'd entered. It would be more useful to have it display at a 1.00...
Guest 2 months ago in  0

Add Template Merge Options for Total of Value Items (MED/COSTS/ETC)

Neos doesn't provide a merge option in templates for total of all value items (it breaks it down by provider only). For example, when you choose "Total Value" it requires you select one provider and gives the total value of that provider ONLY. It ...
Guest 10 months ago in  0
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Total Item Count

Should be able to see how many items are in a list automatically without having to count each line item or run a report. For example, how many items are in my Checklist Summary for the day? If I navigate to Browse Cases and filter by staff and cla...
Guest about 3 years ago in General 4 Future consideration

An Icon to identify when a case is part of a companion group.

Change the visual of the icon in the left navigation pane of the case to identify when the case is included in a companion group. For instance, a red block like in Needles.
Guest 6 months ago in  0