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Guest 20 days ago in  1

Change default provider usage listing to open slash closed rather than default to open only

Firm-wide, 99.999% of the time we use "list provider usage" we have to remember to change the dropdown from "Open" to "Open/Closed." Please make it possible for our firm to set the default to "Open/Closed" so we don't have to change this every tim...
Guest 20 days ago in  0

Click target area to readjust columns too small and off to right

Makes it very cumbersome to readjust columns, you have to get your mouse exactly in the 1 spot where the cursor changes to allow column adjustment. Also the target is way off to the right so it makes it seem like the column cannot be adjusted unle...
Guest 20 days ago in  0

Two Factor Authentication only ask outside of office

be able to input or office ip and if you log in from outside that ip ask to authenticate
Guest 21 days ago in  0

Two factor Authentication 7 day do not ask

let us choose if our firm can not ask to authenticate every 7 or 30 days
Guest 21 days ago in  0

WPS Pin Hp Printer Where To Find it easily

Setting up a Wi-Fi connection on a printer can be a daunting task, but HP makes it easier than ever with their WPS pin HP printer feature. In this guide, we will walk you through how to set up your HP printer to connect to Wi-Fi using the WPS pin....
Guest 22 days ago in  0

Additional Search Criteria Options to be Available in Outlook Add-in when tagging E-mails to Neos.

This would be useful for firms who know their cases by Alternate Case Numbers for example.
Guest 26 days ago in  0

View Certain Fields On Multiple Tabs

It would be great if a case date could be seen on multiple tabs. Also if filled out on one tab, it should auto update to reflect the same info on another tab.
Guest 26 days ago in  0

Ability to See if an E-mail has be Tagged by Someone Else

If i tag something, I can see if it's been tagged to NEOS. But I can't see if someone else has tagged a an e-mail without checking in NEOS. We are double tagging e-mails because we can't see that someone else already tagged it.
Guest 26 days ago in  0

Medical Records Request - Value Code/Medical Bills dropdown

Users would like the ability to generate a value item from their medical records tab without having to go into actions > add value item and instead use the value code and medical bill dropdowns to automatically assign the value code to the new ...
Guest 26 days ago in  0