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NEOS Notifications Sound

It would be great if we could have a "ding" or some sound notification when a notification is received so that we don't have to always be looking at the screen to know we've received a new notification.
Guest about 1 year ago in  6

An Icon to identify when a case is part of a companion group.

Change the visual of the icon in the left navigation pane of the case to identify when the case is included in a companion group. For instance, a red block like in Needles.
Guest 11 months ago in  0

Printing Calendar

It is imperative that we are able to print the calendar from Neos as we could with all prior versions of Needles! I would like the ability to print daily, weekly and agenda views of Neos Calendars!
Guest 3 months ago in  1

Neos: Allow more than 2 columns to the tab layout.

Currently, with only having 2 columns, the tabs become very lengthy. We should have the option to have 3 or 4 columns of fields assuming the length of the fields permit. Our tabs are much too cumbersome and long.
Guest 15 days ago in  0

Auto-Fill Case Caption in "Re:" Field When Sending Emails from Neos

When sending emails from Neos, would like an option to auto-fill the case name (or other data field info), into the "Re:" field. This was an option in Trial Works.
Guest 12 months ago in  3

Allow Attachments to be saved to Email being sent when tagged rather than having to go to Sent folder to tag email to get documents to attach to email being sent.

When I am sending an email, I have to send the email, then go to the sent folder and then tag the email so get the documents to attach. This is very inefficient. When using Needles, I could hit "Send and Post to Needles" and never had to go to the...
Guest 6 months ago in  0

Send Email from Neos - Add cc, bcc and from fields.

Currently, all recipients are placed in the TO field. In order to properly note who is responsible for the email (the person in TO), and also note who is just added as an FYI (cc field), we would like you to include those fields. Also, if someone ...
Guest 11 months ago in  0

Copy/Duplicate Cases

It would be beneficial if we could duplicate a whole case to make a new one from it, instead of being able to only copy certain tabs to a case.
Guest almost 2 years ago in  6

Add Search Contents of Files to the Browse Documents tab.

This function currently only exists in individual cases. There are users who would like it to be available from the Browse documents tab to search the entirety of their database at once.
Guest 10 months ago in  10

Option to Minimize or Draft an Email

We would like for Neos to incorporate a function that allows us to minimize or draft an email. Scenario: I'm in the middle of drafting an email within Neos, but I get a call and have to source information from our environment. I am now required to...
Guest about 2 months ago in  0